Gas Water Heater

Why Gas is Greener than Electricity?

How Gas Water Heater Works?

Commercial Tank less System
Commercial Tank System
Industrial System

Endless Comfortable
Hot Water

Intelligent microcomputer monitors outlet water temperature and water flow, speedy and precisely thermostatic, thermostat enables wider range of temperature control.

Intelligently control the amount of water flow, break through the industry bottleneck of ±1℃  constant temperature, realize ±0.5℃ precisely controlled thermostatic, solve the problem of unstable water temperature caused by water pressure fluctuation.

Comparision of Types of Water Heater

Greenseed Gas Water Heater

Multi-Point Electric Water Heater (High Power)

Electric Storage Water Heater (15L)
System TypeInstantInstantStorage
Rain Shower Head
No. of Heater Required133
Energy Consumption (KW/hr)(Gas Consumption)
Min: 2Max: 24
(Electricity Consumption)
(Electricity Consumption)
*Monthly Showering Time3,000 / 503,000 / 503,000 / 50
**Estimated Monthly Consumption (KW/month)400400400
***Tariff Rate (RM/KW)Gas:
Monthly Usage (RM/month)58.4
(Total Savings: 62%)

* Assume the house has 5 persons, each person takes shower for 10 mins & twice a day.
Monthly Showing Time: 5 persons x 10 mins/shower x 2 times/day x 30 days/month = 3,000mins or 50hrs per month

**Assume one shower head flow is 9 L/min or 540 L/hour. Showering Temperature is 40 DegC. Cold Water Temperature is 27 DegC.
Energy Required: 540 x 4.2 x (40 – 27) = 8.19 KW/hr. Say 8.0 KW/hr

*** Assume the price of 14KG LPG cylinder is RM28/cylinder. LPG Tariff = RM2/kg + 13.71 KW/kg = RM0.146/KW
Effective from 1 Jan 2014, electric tariff (1 – 200KW) is RM0.2180/KW, electric tariff (201 – 300KW) is RM0.3340/KW, electric tariff (301 – 600KW) is RM0.5160/KW.
Average Electricity tariff rate: [(RM0.2180/KW x 200KW) + (RM0.3340/KW x 100KW) + (RM.0.5160/KW x 300KW)] / 600KW = RM0.386/KW

Gas Water Heaters

Optimum temperature instantaneously,
the second you turn on the tap

Gas Water Heaters

High-efficiency heating to businesses, 
while still reducing the overall carbon footprint of its products