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 Centralized Hot Water System at Home

Installing a centralized hot water system at home required you to plan ahead. Follow the guidelines below to prepare your house with a centralized hot water system.

  1. Find out whether your house have installed the cold and hot water piping. The hot and cold water piping refer to copper or high temperature polymer piping for hot water supply, and piping ready for cold water supply. These hot and cold water piping are necessaries to connects to mixer taps at multiple points of hot water usage. If your house currently only have cold water piping installed, you might need to engage a plumber contractor to install the hot water piping.
  2. Determine location where you would like to have hot water supply. It can be the location of your rain showers, Jacuzzi, Bathtub, sinks, kitchen and washing machine.
  3. Choose your gas water heater capacity to install. Kindly refer to table below for sizing.
    Application Diameter, mm Hot water, L/min
    Handheld Showerhead 85 2.4
    100 3.2
    120 3.6
    150 4.0
    Rain Shower 160 3.8
    210 4.4
    270 5.2
    330 6.0
    Bathtub small (60 – 100L) 6.4
    medium (100 – 300L) 7.2
    large (300 – 500L) 8.0
  4. Contact Greenseed Engineering Sdn Bhd for free consultation.

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